Our Mission


Wings Academy is a small, student-centered high school. Our ultimate mission is to inspire and empower learning for life.


Education cannot be stolen. It's worth the investment as you embrace learning, excel and own your future.

Instructional Focus 2022-2023

Instructional Focus:  "If teachers establish common instructional practices to support students’ learning needs, then students will engage in evidence-based discussions and writing that will deepen their understanding of content and empower their roles as citizens.”

Priority Statement 2022-2023

Priority Statment:"If we provide leadership and direction to improve the learning environment and culture in our school, then our scholars, educators and school community will benefit from a healthy, safe, secure environment conducive to academic success.

School Motto 2022-2023

"Wings Academy HS - Where we SOAR to Achieve Our C.O.R.E."

  WINGS: Willingness to work hard. Initiative.
New ways of learning. Growth. Service.